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Julia Mann - Eyelash Extensions Master Trainer

Right now you are struggling to find the best Eyelash Extensions Course that will give you absolutely everything you will need to become an amazing Lash Stylist and teach you all the ins and outs about building a successful business.

Maybe you have already done one or two training courses but they have left you rather disappointed and confused and you were hoping for something that would give you the support that you need longterm.

You are hoping to master all those tips, tricks and techniques that all the fancy lash trainers know about to produce those magazine worthy Lashes…

… but sitting in front of your client with all of those natural lashes makes you quite nervous and the smallest set back will make you want to quit.

You are thinking “Am I good enough? Will I get enough clients ? Will I be able to quit my full time job? What will my partner think? Can Lashing really be a full time career and not just a hobby?”

Sound familiar?

As seen in….

I am Julia Mann, I help woman (and men) like you to become the most confident Lash Stylist with Instagram worthy Lashes and the business and social media knowledge they need to run a successful Lash business.

I founded my Lash Help Group “Lash Tribe” in early 2016 and within 4 short month I gained almost 2500 members. I am all about giving Value and helping people. I soon realised how much help was actually needed.

Many of my members are coming to me to train them because they are feeling stuck, attended other trainings that cost them a lot of $$ without learning anything new, not knowing wether to continue to lash and looking for ways to improve their skills in lashes and business.

Lash Tribe Emblem Gold
Julia training a student

To become a great Lash Artist and start a real career in the Lash Industry doesn’t come overnight. It takes time and a lot of support.

I offer my students a life-long support in all of my programs.

When you train with me:

– You will feel positive and empowered… that’s just who I am and how I like others to feel.
– You feel like we’ve known each other for years, even if you don’t meet me in person and just see me in my online videos.
– You will break out in laughter at times (I tend to be a bit of a happy clown).
– You can be certain I’ll drink a caffeinated beverage (I have a 4 and a 2 year old).
– you will start to either love or hate the color pink.

I have been doing Lashes since 2010. After I received an amazingly TERRIBLE set of Lashes by a local salon (you know, the kind where you can’t open your eyes afterwards because it’s glued shut!!) I decided then and there to become the best Lash Stylist I could possibly be and to eventually pass on my technical as well as my business skills to as many students, like yourself, as possible.

It’s all about being consistent, learning the best skills and business practices. By the time I have taught you everything I know, NOTHING can stop you from creating the business of your dreams, amazing Lashes and a full booking system with clients that will become raving fans.

I am looking forward to working with you soon.



Julia Mann's Online training courses

Have you ever struggled with bad retention?
Have you ever wondered what the proper cleansing and prepping process looks like?

I have a little present for you. Just because.

This 15 minutes instructional Video is part of my Lash Tribe Online Course Modules and will
help you to have a strong basis when it comes to retention, removing makeup efficiently and even learning how to apply eye pads, how to tape and map out the eye pads.

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