Everything that Sparkles Set


💞This Set is every Lash Artists Dream.💞

It includes

  • All of the Lash Tribe Tweezers
  • Dental mirror and scissors
  • A 11 slot Tweezer Case

With this Set you are saving $65


In stock


This Set is amazing. you asked for it many times in the Lash Tribe Group so I, Julia,  created it!

Here is what’s in the Set:

  • 11 Slot large zip up Tweezer Case. 1 slot is still available
  • Long L-foot Classic Tweezer
  • Perfect Russian Volume Tweezer
  • Angled Isolation Tweezer silver foot
  • Z-Tweezer
  • Julia’s Fave Volume Tweezer Please note : All  Julia’s Faves are now replaced with Plasma gold, which is longer lasting but differ slightly in color from the gold plated older model.
  • Long angled isolation Tweezer gold
  • Straight Isolation Tweezers
  • Checking/Isolation Tool
  • Dental Mirror
  • Golden Mini Scissors


Everything that sparkles will save you over $100 when purchasing all products in a Set.



Additional information

Weight 350 g


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