Volume Tweezer Set & Tweezer Video

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This Set includes my 3 Favourites.

  • Julia’s Fave Volume Tweezers
  • Long Angled Isolation Tweezer
  • Dental Checking Mirror

You will also gain access to a Video where I will show you how to hold, use and care for your Tweezers. 


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This Set includes my 3 Favourites!

Julia’s Fave Volume Tweezer:

  • As you may be able to tell by the title that theses are currently my favourite Volume Tweezers.
  • Lengths: 12cm
  • Blade length: 5mm
  • They are light, nice and short, fit beautifully into the inner corners and are of course gold. I love gold. 🙂 and the ridges will prevent slippage as well.
  • I use these for on and off tape fanning techniques. They pick up fans so easily! Perfect for beginners as well.
  • Please note : All  Julia’s Faves are now replaced with Plasma gold, which is longer lasting but differ slightly in color from the gold plated older model.

Long, Angled Isolation Tweezer:

  • I prefer to work with long, angled Isolation Tweezers because I can hold the Isolation a lot easier. And of course I love gold, this is why I designed these Isolation Tweezers!
  • Lengths: 13.8 cm
  • Blade:6-7mm
  • The Tweezers lie beautifully in your hand and are very light.

Dental Mirror: 

  • This lovely golden Dental Mirror is perfect for checking those gorgeous Lashes you have just applied.
  • 16.5 cm long
  • Got any stickies? You can see this easily in your dental mirror and then remove them before your client will open their eyes.


  • All Tweezers are hand tested by Julia and have 100% passed testing.
  • Please note Price is in AUD.

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