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Start and grow

your own Lash Business


Stundents worldwide


with the Worlds best 

Online Lash & Business Academy

Start and grow

your own

Lash Business


with the Worlds best 

Online Lash & Business Academy

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What is Lash Tribe?

Welcome to Lash Tribe!

We offer the World's No 1 Eyelash Extensions Online courses, Face to Face Training and Business Growth Courses so that you can safe money, build your own business from home and get unlimited access to education.

HI ! I am Julia Mann, Award Winning Lash Artists & Trainer, Speaker, author, Business & Branding Coach and Youtube Guru.

I am here to help new as well as struggling lash artists to be amazing and confident at lashes, with raving clients and a profitable business.

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"There is a beautiful spot called "comfort zone" but nothing grows in it.

➔Stop Dreaming - And get to work!"

Julia Mann- Founder of Lash Tribe® 

As seen in....

Would you like to learn Eyelash Extensions right from the start and become one of the most wanted Lash Stylists in your area, being able to charge one of the highest rates?

I will show you all the tips, tricks and techniques in Classic as well as Russian Volume lashing with ongoing support and review of your work.

I know you want to learn lashes right from the get go and that you want a thriving business with heaps of customers that will return time and time again.

You need to have the right strategy right from the start and if you don’t know what this strategy should look like, it might be a bit difficult to come up with it yourself.

Lashing, Business and Branding go hand in hand. Once I was great at lashing,

I got into the business side of things, studied and applied what I had learnt. I built a 6 figure business within a few short months.  But it wasn’t always that easy.

I have been in the industry since 2010….Have had my ups and downs…

Sometimes I was too scared to deal with difficult customers and felt like running away. Giving up. Many times I looked at those natural lashes in front of me and thought:

How on earth am I going to finish these lashes in time and still looking great?

Some days I didn’t know what I could do to get more customers through the doors.

Fast forward to today: I made note and learnt from my mistakes. Now know what works in business and in perfecting your technique to produce beautiful lashes fast.

I have helped thousands of lash artists worldwide with their struggles and questions regarding running a successful salon and gave them the tools and the confidence in their work so they could producing amazing lashes.

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Below is a little present for you. Just cause 🙂

Have you ever struggled with bad retention?
Have you ever wondered what the proper cleansing and prepping process looks like?

I have a little present for you. Just because.

This 15 minutes instructional Video is part of my Lash Tribe Online Course Modules and will
help you to have a strong basis when it comes to retention, removing makeup efficiently and even learning how to apply eye pads, how to tape and map out the eye pads.


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