Bad Eyelash Extensions made me do it!

Around 6 years ago, I went to a shop just close to where I live and had eyelash extensions applied myself and they were awful. I got home and I was looking at them in the mirror, and as I opened my eyes they were literally just falling off my face. Then and there, I decided to do training myself. I think it was only 2 weeks later that I did training, in eyelash extensions and I loved it. Bad Eyelash Extensions Made Me Do It basically.

This industry has always been extremely secretive and I hated that. I wanted to change that.

One day I went onto Facebook and I actually just asked the question about a tape, and someone said, “I can’t tell you that. This is my business, do you own research”. So I decided that I wanted to create a community where we could come together for free and share, and give tips and tricks and become better, and grow as Lash Artists.

I think about 5 minutes later, I opened up my Facebook group, Lash Tribe, Then I had, I think about 1000 people join in the first week, so I thought wow, this is something that people need.

Bad Eyelash Extensions made me do it

Bad Eyelash Extensions made me do it


Lash Tribe’s Themed Days:

Worry Wednesday is my favorite one, because this is where you comment on what you struggle with in the industry. Friday’s we’ve got Facebook Friday, everyone shares what works for them with Facebook. Saturdays is the only day where people are allowed to advertise and on Sunday’s we have social media Sunday.

The Lash Tribe Online Course:

There’s actually 4 online courses. The first one is the Volume course, where you learn 7 different Volume techniques. I will tell you everything I know! All my secrets 🙂

And then I have the Classic Course, which also has a Mastermind Facebook group. Every single course has their own little Facebook group and that course is perfect for beginners, who have never touched eyelash extensions. It includes everything from sanitation to applying to product.

Then I have my . The Business and Branding course is there that you can actually get clients into your door, keep them coming back and make a lot of money. It includes Facebook Marketing and how to write ads, a few modules on how to set up your own salon, whether you have your home salon or you want to have a store front. How to do all that from scratch, from business name to budgeting, to advertising, so it’s basically for someone who wants to start a business from scratch.

Signature Course Lashes Business Branding

Bad Eyelash Extensions made me do it

Then the last course is the Signature Course which includes the volume, the classic and the business and branding courses, so it has everything all together. That is for someone who wants to learn everything. With the signature course you learn how to get customers into the door, how to keep them coming back, and make a lot of money, and be really confident in what you do. I think that’s important and it will set you apart from other salons.

Bad Eyelash Extensions made me do it

Bad Eyelash Extensions made me do it

Stay awesome and don’t forget to sparkle !


PS: You can find all my online Courses Here. Make sure you sign up for he Waitlist if you would like to know how much they are and when they are launching.
PPS: You can find all my In Person Training info HERE


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