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Over 40 Amazing Eyelash Extensions Salon Set Up Ideas

Eyelash Extensions Salon Set-Up Ideas

Hi everybody! This morning I actually posted in the Lash Tribe group and asked you girls to post your salon pictures. Whether you have a home salon or a store front, because I wanted to do a blog about Eyelash Extensions Salon Set-Up ideas. So Here it is.


I have just created a Pinterest page well. And you can click on it below.

Click here for the Pinterest Board with ideas for Eyelash Extensions Salons Set-Up

Here are a few of the ones that the girls posted. They are stunning! I really hope you get some great inspiration from all the photos. 


One little present I want to give you is my FREE Salon Setup & Product Guide where I have a few links to some stores, where you can save on eyelash extensions products and you will also see what sort of things you will need when you’re just starting out.

I’m just talking the very basics. I’m not talking as elaborate as some of the salons look. I don’t include chandeliers for example.

Have have a little look at the FREE PDF .. and I will get into this one here in a second as well… so read on Eyelash Extensions Salon 


So when you are brand new to the idea of setting up your first salon, what kind of things pop to mind that you will definitly need? What kind of things are more of a “treat”? Something that is not needed right away but would add to the feel of the salon and it’s exclusiveness. What things does a store front Eyelash Extensions Salon need that a home salon may not need?

Let’s go through a few of them.

Basic Home Eyelash Extensions Salon:

Eyelash Extensions Salon

  • Beauty Bed
  • Light
  • Trolley
  • Product Kit to start Lashes
  • Cupboards for storage
  • Retail stand
  • Small waiting area
  • Payment facilities (phone app or eftpos machine)
  • Few decorations, like pictures, maybe a nice lamp… 
  • Linen and blankets for the beauty bed

Now let’s see what extra things we may need for a Store Front Eyelash Extensions Salon

Eyelash Extensions Salon

Eyelash Extensions Salon “Lash Bar” By Rikke S.

  • Bigger waiting area with coffee table
  • Reception Desk and Computer
  • Lunch area/Staff Area
  • Fridge
  • Coffee Machine
  • Microwave
  • Security/Alarm system
  • Stand out Lighting
  • Extra Beds, linen, lash pillows
  • More products used
  • Staff Procedure Sheets

So as you can see you will need a few things more than a simple home salon would. 



Set yourself a budget from the start of how much you can actually invest in your Eyelash Extensions Salon set up and most importantly STICK TO IT if you want things to start off right.

Also, I have a few modules on Eyelash Extensions Salon Set-Up, Budgeting, Keeping track of your finances, staff management and more in my Business and Branding Course in case you would like to do it with some help.

Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest Board with heaps of Eyelash Extensions Salon Set-up ideas.

PS: Are you struggling to come up with Styling ideas for your clients and you are not sure what curls and lengths to use? CLICK HERE for a Free Style Guide.

Julia Mann

International Eyelash Extensions Trainer, Lash Tribe

M: 0433063053
Skype: juliamann81
Stay awesome and don’t forget to sparkle! xxx

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