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Heyyyy Julia, Hope you are well! So sad its almost coming to an end! This course has been bloody brilliant! You have instilled so much confidence and cleared all my mind blocks! Thank you so much!

Bhavika Patel

Thankyou Julia
I think I finally are writing my ads better
Posted this late last night
4 enquiries and 2 bookings this morning

love this course

Sarah Pigdon

Hi Julia, I just wanted to write to you to thank you soooo much for your course!! Your course has taken my business from a "hobby" with only a handful of clients, to a full blown business that has enabled me to give up my "day job" and renovate my little home salon to do what I love FULL TIME. Over 90% of my clients come from Social media now, so you can imagine how eternally grateful that I came across your course. Learning how to brand & market myself has been an integral part of growing my business, and couple that with excellent and proven copy writes, now has me well known in a 40klm radius. It makes my heart sing with joy when I introduce myself to random people ( men and women) and they go "Oh, your the Lash Lady". "Why Yes!! Yes I am!!" So thank you once again.

Lash Lady
Lockyer Valley

Hi Julia, I just wanted to say how amazing your courses are and how much they have helped my business. Before I did your courses I was struggling on how to approach potential clients or how to sell myself in order to get new clients in. After doing your courses my client list has tripled to where I am working 6 days a week with 4-7 clients a day. Learning who to target and how to word my Facebook ads has been invaluable. The interaction I now receive with my ads is fantastic. My business has grown so much and I have you to thank for that. I can not thankyou enough for all your help and knowledge in making my business a success! Thank you

It's official.... I am embarrassed thanks to Julia Jaqueline Mann (in a good way)... prior to doing Julia's '6 Week Business Transformation Course' I did very little on FB or for that matter any social media as I am now not trying to attract any more new lash clients so figured that I did not need to advertise... after completing and loving the last 6 weeks I have realised that being 'slack' in the social media area was actually making me dislike my FB and web page and I did not even want to look at them myself so why would anyone else want to look at them and even consider training to do lashes with me... I am now loving my new look and am having fun with Canva and actually putting up posts that I like... if you are like me and in a bit of a rut with your business and need a 'kick up a but' Julia is the one to do it...

Mandy Hunt

Branding has been the biggest part for me and realising that I am building a brand as well as a business, making my fb look more professional and less bitsy, by taking myself seriously others now have done the same x thank you Julia Jaqueline Mann XX

Hannah Alexander

I am on this training since dec17 and I started with my agenda with 2 days booked and now I have clients every single day. I had to come back earlier this year from my vacation as my clients were calling me and asking me to book they leashes refills. Thanks to Julia I've made more money in this month than any another month in 2017 ♡♡♡

Bia Pereira

I have been lucky enough to be a part of Julia's course, an I have to say, it's outstanding!


The way each module has been carefully crafted to serve your needs to succeed are so detailed and so thought out.


Before this course, I knew I wanted to be in this industry. Now, after receiving her training, I am an educator, my business has expanded so rapidly, and I have never been more proud of my craft.


Thanks to Julia, I have a fantastic understanding of business, social media, marketing, branding.. the list goes on!


Do yourself a favour and get equipped with her fail proof arsenal of tools that will help you crush your goals FAST.


Thank you Julia, you are simply the best!

I'm still in the beginning stages with my business - but branding has helped me to look the part as a professional - pricing help me to set my prices right to attract my ideal clients, setting up my online booking account set me up big time as I've never experienced any cancellations or muck arounds.
All helped me get off to the best start in my business!! So thank you Julia for your course. I wouldn't be where I am right now without this course.

Kelly Horscroft

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