2-Day Russian Volume Course

Great for those who already do Classic lashes and would like to offer their clients that extra WOW factor. 

Small Groups & 1-on-1 Training

Learn from 9 years of lash industry experience.

Have you attended a Volume Course in the past that left you rather disappointed because it was too short and didn’t cover all of the tips, tricks, and techniques you were hoping for, nor offered you any ongoing support?

Small groups are never more than 3 students to ensure that every single student gets the attention and support they need.

2020 Training Dates:

February 16-17 | FULL

March 1-2 | FULL

June 8-9 | FULL

July 19-20 | 2 Spots available

August 23-24 | 2 Spots

October 11-12 | 3 Spots

November 16-17 | 3 Spots


Designed For current Classic Lash Artists that want to upskill.

If you already have experience in Classic Lashes, this course will show you how to "pump up the volume!"

If you're looking for a course that offer ongoing support and a safe place to perfect your work, then this is the course for you! It includes:

  • 6 fanning techniques
  • Best eye-styling ideas and layering techniques
  • Comprehensive branding & advertising
  • Private VIP Volume Group
  • Lash Kit
  • Full Catering

Plus, you'll get a certificate upon completion of 5 case studies! 

As Part of the Course, You'll Receive:

Training Manuals

You will receive the full colour Volume training manual that you can take home and use as your reference guide, as well as our famous Eye-Shapes and Styling manual that will show you the 6 main styles and what to use on 10 different eye shapes.

Perfect to get to know your clients Eye Shapes and know what looks best on them.

Exclusive Training Kit

Valued at $400, your kit will include:

  • Lash Tribe Volume Manual
  • Eye Shapes and Styling Manual
  • Unicorn Volume Tweezer
  • Lash Last®️Volume adhesive
  • Tweezer Hero
  • 0.07 C Mixed Tray
  • 0.07 D Mixed Tray
  • 0.05 C Mixed Tray
  • 0.05 D Mixed Tray

A word from Julia Mann:

I just loved creating this Training.

Russian Volume takes a lot of skill and can be really daunting for a beginner who has never made a fan before.

This is why, in these 2 jam-packed days, you will not only learn how to create the perfect little fluffy fan, but also how you can manipulate your products and the lash room to make those fans wrap around the natural lash and last.

There is no point in creating a beautiful fan if you can't make is last on the lashes.

We will also cover an extra unit of competency :

Pre-made Volume Fans.

What is the difference and when do we use Russian Volume over pre-made fans? These days there are so many brands on the market that offer pre-made fans. We will go through the differences of each of them, how they are made, how they are picked up and applied safely, without weighing the clients natural lashes down.



DAY 1:

Start: 9:00am - 6:00pm


Theory & Fanning Practice (6 Techniques)
Work on Mannequin Head and Sponges
Lunch: 12:30 - 1:30am


1pm - 6pm Theory & Social Media Tips

  • Adhesive 101
  • Style Guide to perfection
  • Creation of perfect mapping
  • Facebook & Instagram Tips, taking the best photos
  • Fan competition and Prizes

DAY 2:

Start: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Fan Practice and station Set up


10:45am: Model to Arrive


11:00am : LIVE MODEL | 5 hour practical
Work on Mannequin Head and Sponges
Lunch: 12:30 - 1:30am


2:00pm - 2:45pm Break for student and model.
Finish model by 5pm
Theory questions. Clean up & Photos and Bubbly 🙂

Ready to Get Started?

Enjoy These Bonuses & More!

You will receive a certificate upon completion of a few case studies! Here are a few benefits of our 2-day course.


Lifetime discount of 20% off all Products in the Lash Tribe Shop.


Get the Volume Online Course at $629 USD for FREE!


Get access to our exclusive inner circle for ongoing support.

Pay us off over the next 6 months!

We only require a Booking Fee and you can easily pay off the rest in easy installments of only $55.50 PER WEEK!

Sign up with our payment plan or pay in full. The world is your oyster!

Everything You Need to Know

Here are just some of the things that we will cover in the 2 days.

  • Curls
  • Eye Shapes Styling
  • Creating a Style Guide
  • Volume Eyelash Extensions
  • Volume vs.Classic
  • Volume Tweezers
  • Volume Fanning Techniques
  • Glue Dipping and Placement
  • Volume Fans and Application
  • Prepping the Lashes
  • EyePads and Taping
  • Posture
  • Holding your Volume tweezers
  • Methodical Application
  • Isolating Speed Application
  • Stacking and Capping
  • Mink vs Silk , Coloured Lashes
  • Curing the Lashes, Nebulisers
  • Glues, Ingredients & Humidity
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Photos, Best Angles
  • Forms, Templates
  • Pricing
  • Online Booking System
  • Facebook ads intro
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Training Options

Group Training - $1897 (incl. GST)
  • Lifetime support
  • $929 Volume Online Course FREE
  • $400 lash kit
  • FREE 2 hours Live Support after the Training is over. OR access to our 1/2 day refresher courses.
  • Only up to 3 students per class.
  • Private VIP Facebook group
  • 20% off all Lash Products
  • Lash Tribe Certificate
  • FULL Catering via Uber Eats ( Covid rules apply)
1 on 1 Training - $2500 (incl. GST)
  • 1 on 1 Training with Julia Mann
  • Lifetime support
  • $929 Volume Online Course FREE
  • FREE 4 hours Live Support after the Training is over. OR access to our 1/2 day refresher courses.
  • $400 lash kit
  • Private VIP Facebook group
  • 20% off all Lash Products
  • Lash Tribe Certificate
  • FULL Catering ( UBER Eat- Covid Rules apply)

Are you ready to up-skill?

  • Student Support

    Once you have joined our Lash Tribe® Family in person or online, you qualify to attend 1 of our full day workshops, which is only held 2x per year.
    (You can book your FREE Lash Tribe Student Support Day below.
    Spots are strictly limited to 10 students. $47 holding deposit will be refunded after attendance.)
    • Learn all about adhesive and safety updates
    • New techniques and new products on the market
    • Mingle with like-minded students and help get your questions answered.
    • Play with products and update your skills.
    • Stay for a glass of bubbly.

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Learn specialized, profitable skills from the best in the lash industry.

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