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Learn how to create amazing Russian Volume Lashes

at the 2 days Lash Tribe® Academy Face to face Training

2 Days Russian Volume Mastery Course


Would you like to learn Volume Lashes right from the start and become one of the most wanted Lash Stylists in your area, being able to charge one of the highest rates?


Have you attended a Volume Course in the past that left you rather disappointed because it was too short and didn’t cover all of the tips, tricks and techniques you were hoping for, nor offered you any ongoing support?

You are in the right place!

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Hi there!

I am Julia Mann, Award Winning Lash Artists & Trainer, Business & Branding Coach and Youtube Guru. (You can join my 8K Subscribers on

I have created this 2 days Volume Course to help classic lash artists as well as struggling volume lash artists with this new and ever evolving technique. I teach the easiest and most effective ways to create beautiful volume sets, be confident at what they do, with raving clients and a profitable business.

I will offer you ongoing support and review of your work. I know you want to learn lashes right from the get go and that you want a thriving business with heaps of customers that will return time and time again.

I have been in the beauty industry for 15 years and in the lash industry since 2010. I have had my ups and downs, made note and learnt from them.

In 2015 I created my Facebook Group, Lash Tribe, to pass on my knowledge to newbies and fellow lash artists.

“The great thing is that I now know what works in business and in perfecting your techniques to produce beautiful lashes.”

Julia Mann - Eyelash Extensions Master Trainer

As seen in….

Last Tribe Eyelash Extension Trainees


  • You are an amazing and confident lash stylist with a raving customer base and a business knowledge that will make you a lot of money.
  • You know exactly what you need to do when you look at someones natural lashes and your sets always turn out beautiful, leaving your clients super happy.

But all of these dreams just aren’t quite reality yet. …… don’t worry. They will be! This is exactly why I have created this course and my Lash Tribe to help you with your skills and ongoing support.

I know…

… exactly what it feels like to look around for a great course and not being
sure what’s best for you or what it feels like to have done courses in the past
that left you rather disappointed.

… You are craving that support after the course has finished but you are just not getting what you and your business need.

… You kinda feel left to your own devices.

I also understand how frustrating it is when you are good at lashes but don’t have the customer base you are hoping for because you are not 100% sure how to market yourself and your business.

Do you think it is impossible…

… to get the word out there once you are doing Volume Lashes and your old clients might not want them?

Does is frighten you to think that you have to get a whole bunch of new clients in and if they would actually pay the money?

I get it. It seems a bit daunting…

But it’s not that hard, believe me.

I will teach you exactly what you need to do to “convert your classic lash clients into Volume clients and how to get many new people into your salon door.

Here is what others are saying:

Last Tribe Facebook Testimonials 1
Last Tribe Facebook Testimonials 2
Last Tribe Facebook Testimonials 3

I felt the 2 day Volume Course was very personal.

There was only two of us here so that was definitely much
better than other courses where we have 6 or more people . So
if anyone was struggling Julia was able to give us a hand. I felt
like I learnt more in these past 2 day than I have in the last 6
months and it doesn’t even compare to any other training I’ve
had before.

The other training I had was very basic and only scratched the surface. I mean here
we have a manual to take home and look at if we need anymore information or
we’ve forgotten something we need to check back.

That’s really helpful.

And I know that Julia will be there whenever I need to call her and say “HELP!”

So yeah, I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of doing Volume.”

Jodie G.

The Eyelash Emporium, Brisbane

Nadia, Brisbane:

“I immediately had an increase in income and I really didn’t expect that at all!”

“You are 100% in the right place because I will help you learn everything there is to learn about Russian Volume Lashes, Marketing and Business with lifetime access and ongoing support.

– Julia

Here are just some of the things that we will cover in the 2 days……

  • Curls
  • Eye Shapes Styling
  • Creating a Style Guide
  • Volume Eyelash Extensions
  • Volume vs.Classic
  • Volume Tweezers
  • Volume Fanning Techniques
  • Glue Dipping and Placement
  • Volume Fans and Application
  • Prepping the Lashes
  • EyePads and Taping
  • Posture
  • Holding your Volume tweezers
  • Methodical Application
  • Isolating Speed Application
  • Stacking and Capping
  • Mink vs Silk , Coloured Lashes
  • Curing the Lashes, Nebulisers
  • Glues, Ingredients & Humidity
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Photos, Best Angles
  • Forms, Templates
  • Pricing
  • Online Booking System
  • Facebook ads intro

1 on 1 Training OR Small Group Training

Eyelash Training 1

I only train in small groups of up to 6 students to ensure every single student gets the attention and support they need.

If you are not comfortable with others to see you work or you get a little nervous in a class setting,  then 1 on 1 training is a great option for you.

Eyelash Theoretical Training

We will cover as much of the theory & business building tips as we can in the mornings and we will be working on a models in the afternoon of day 2.

Students’ Work:

“With my 2 days training, my eye styling techniques, some practice and ongoing support you can achieve this in no time!”

Russian Volume Lashes - Students Work

Who is this course for?

My Volume Course is designed for Lash Techs that already have experience in classic lashes. I will show you several fanning techniques, share with you the best eye styling ideas and take you through my comprehensive branding and advertising modules so you can rapidly build or grow your existing customer base. Our Private VIP Volume Group will offer ongoing support and a safe place to show your work.


You will receive a certificate upon completion of a few case studies!

Volume Course

Want to know where to get products for cheap?

I will share with you my personal, top secret list of eyelash extensions suppliers that sell wholesale products at around 50-70% off of what other suppliers are charging. You will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars just with this list in the long term.

Training Manuals

You will receive the  full colour Volume training manual that you can take home and use as your reference guide. This book alone is worth over $250, took months to write and has been one of the most favourite things by many students.

You will also receive the Eye shapes and Styling manual that will show you the 6 main styles and what to use on 10 different eye shapes.

Lash Tribe Training Manual

Training Kit

Last but not least you will receive a Training Kit, Valued at $400 which includes:

  • Beautiful carry bag
  • Lash Tribe Volume Manual
  • 6 Space Magna button Lash Case
  • Signature Isolation Tweezers
  • Signature Short foot Volume Tweezer
  • Signature Long L-Type Tweezer
  • Gold plated Scissors
  • 0.07 C Mixed Tray
  • 0.07 D Mixed Tray
  • 0.05 C Mixed Tray
  • Sky C/D Type Volume adhesive
  • Mascara wands
  • Cleansing wands
  • 3 Cleansing brushes
  • Micropore tape
  • Lash tile
  • 5 Eye Pads

Lash Tribe Eyelash Extensions Training Manual


You will also get a lifetime 20% off all Products in the Lash Tribe Shop



You will receive a 50% Discount on all Online Training Courses

I have done several Training Courses before I took Julia’s Class. I was never confident at Volume Lashing but with Julia’s help and ongoing support (and a lot of practice) I now have converted 60% of my Clients to Volume Clients. I am now very confident when applying Volume Lashes and my business income has doubled in revenue.

Hannah Alexander

Forever Lashes Beauty Studio, Mackay


Small Group Training 


  • Lifetime support
  • Volume Manual
  • Shapes and Styling Manual
  • $400 lash kit
  • Only up to 6 students per class
  • Private VIP Facebook group
  • 20% off all Lash Products
  • 50% off the Volume Online Course
  • 4 hours of LIVE support

$1997 ( incl. GST)

1 on 1 Training


  • 1 on 1 Training with Julia Mann
  • Lifetime support
  • Volume Manual
  • Shapes and Styling Manual
  • $500 lash kit
  • Private VIP Facebook group
  • 20% off all Lash Products
  • 50% off the Volume Online Course
  • 4 hours of LIVE support

$ 4997 ( incl. GST)


Upcoming Dates for Brisbane Training in 2019:

announced soon



You can train now and pay it off over 6 months!

Or Save $200 by paying in full. 

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