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Would you like to attract more customers, so you can fill up your books with quality, high paying clients and have more money & more freedom?

You totally can. Social media marketing, in particular, Facebook Ads, are one of the most powerful tools out there.

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You can run ads on Facebook and book more clients. Correct.

But here is the deal. Facebook kind of sucks!

The algorithm is constantly changing, things move around, the business manager and messenger bot thing is totally confusing…

So basically, all in all, if you haven’t studied FB marketing for years, it’s a little intimidating.

How on earth are you supposed to write a good ad when you are feeling lost in a sea pf tech?

Have you tried a FB ad before but wasted a lot of money without real results and now you kind of feel like giving up on the whole FB thing to move over to Instagram..?

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Sound familiar? It’s ok. You are not alone.

But I do want to tell you, that FB ads work amazingly.

I have had ads running that brought in a heap of new clients for months and months and months. Thousands of $$$.

Well, just the other day I was sitting outside on my deck writing new ads for my upcoming trainings this year, 6 ads to be exact, and I had a light bulb moment! ( These tend to happen a lot )

There are soooo many online courses, teaching you Facebook Marketing!

Some good, some bad and some really really bad ones.

But a lot of the time we just don’t implement what we learn OR what we learn is not a salon specific ad training.

As Seen In . . .

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It’s too techy and we really need that person that can look over our shoulder.

If you already have experience in Classic Lashes, this course will show you how to pump up the volume. 

Sure, some people might be great at learning at home, but some may need that little extra support.

It’s just a bit too much tech and too many different things involved to just get this ONE dang ad working.

AND a lot of the time, unless you have done copy writing or sales training, you don’t really know HOW to write an ad that will actually work and bring in  new clients.

And don’t even let me get started on a good ad graphic!

But it’s all learnable.

And quite Simply.

So I decided this needed to change.


Born was the “Facebook Marketing for Salon Owners” – LIVE Workshop.

As soon as I posted about this, I saw how much this was needed!

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Love the reaction ladies! ( And gents !!) You gotta not single out any race or gender in your ads, did you know that?

Your ad may not be approved.

So what is included in the NEW Facebook Marketing for Salons Course?

A lot. Here are just a few of the MANY things we will cover:

  • The "What do my clients actually want" work-sheet
  • Discover how to build an automated "Client-getting-sytem"
  • Write show-stopping sales copy for your ads. Without sounding salesy.
  • Email Marketing to double your income in a few easy steps
  • Your tool checklist
  • Powerful Campaign building secrets revealed
  • A Done-for-you Landing Page and Sales Funnel.
  • Launch your own ad with an offer that your clients can’t refuse and actually launch it on the day!
  • Discover the 5 meain reasons why FB ads fail
  • Set up you ad in 10 minutes or less
  • Facebook Bot Messenger Guest Trainer
  • Facebook Pixel and all the confusing tech uncovered
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Ready to Get Started?

Enjoy These Bonuses & More!

You will receive upon completion of a few case studies! Here are a few benefits of our NEW Facebook Marketing for Salons course.


Client Getting Email

Together, we will send off an email in the morning of your training, that will get your clients to reply and at least ONE  booking by the end of the day!


Messenger Script

I will give you my messenger template, that will turn your potential customers into paying clients ina . few simple steps.


Full Color Workbook

Receive your Facebook Marketing made simple workbook, so you won't forget what you have uncovered on the day.


Posting Schedule

You will receive my personal Lash Tribe Posting Schedule, the very same one we use on the Lash Tribe Page with over 44k followers daily.

Your Facebook Marketing Workbook


So, How is it all gonna work on the day?

Bring your laptop, as I take you by the hand and show you the world of Facebook Marketing.
You need to have an active Facebook Page that is connected to a CC or PayPal. An Instagram Account would also be good to have.
Be clear about your Colors and Logo you would like to use. That's is it 🙂 
Make sure you have a small budget to play with a couple of different programmes I will recommend. With most, you can sign up with a FREE trial.

Sound good?

We think so.

Oh yes, and of course, if you cannot attend in person at Lash Tribe Academy in Brisbane, we do offer a LIVE Stream ticket within a secret Facebook group. HOWEVER, we do highly recommend you make it in person.

So, whatever you decide, think about where you want to take your business this year..

& if you are going to get there alone or you need help.

“How much is it?”. Fair Question.

The Investment is only $497 AUD for the full day! With unlimited amounts of $$ to earn after you leave.

That’s it.

Once you get to my Academy and we have spent an awesome day together, you will get then chance to get your hands on the online course version.

But we will chat about it again once you get here.

So, if you would like to join us in person or LIVE , all you gotta do is select the date.

We only have 3 of those trainings per year, with a limited amount of seats per class, so make sure you secure your spot fast.

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Anyways, I won’t keep you any longer cause I know how busy you are trying to do the dailies.

So, by now you know what you are gonna get, but feel free to email with any questions you might have. ( bookings@lashtribe.com.au)

We are here to help.

To secure your spot with Julia, please follow Click the botton below and chose the date:

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And yes, the workshop REALLY only is $497.

I had a few questions about this already.

My 1 day training courses are usually $1297 BUT as this is a brand new course I am offering only this once, until the spots are gone. Therefore,  I would love to offer it for an introductory steal.

And of course I will ask for some feedback at the end of it and a testimony as well. So, grab your spot.. and once you have, we will send you more details for the day.

(The Live-Stream Tickets are also available via the same link, though I do recommend to come in person. )




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