How to Ensure Your Eyelash Business Is Rewarding & Profitable


Once you’ve completed each stage of your eyelash extension training, getting your hands on the best lash supplies is essential if you want to produce outstanding results for your clients. The benefits of using high-quality lash products are that you’ll be able to create stunning lashes every time, using the right hygiene practices while having everything you need to provide great treatments. There would be nothing worse than turning down a client because you don’t have the right tools, or you haven’t ordered any more lashes yet. Therefore, finding the best place online for all your eyelash extension products is essential for running a successful business that keeps clients returning to you time after time.


Luckily, many eyelash extension training providers such as the Lash Tribe provide supplies through an online store on their website. There are several advantages to shopping with your trainer. The first is that if you’ve received in-person eyelash training, you may have used the products already and seen them in action. Even if you’re undertaking an online course, a good training will show you the best techniques using the supplies they provide, so that you’ll know precisely what you’ll need to get started and put your training into practice. Having everything in one handy place means you don’t have to scour the web looking for similar isolation tweezers to the ones you’ve seen in training videos or lashes that looked incredible during your course. The best training courses will also offer you a lifetime discount on their products, ensuring your business remains as cost-effective as possible.


Another key benefit of finding the best online lash shop is that they often provide great lash extension kits which put together several different products you’ll need to get started. This could be a starter kit for performing Classic Lashes or Volume Lashes, for example. The kits should contain everything from glue sticks and primer to lash extensions in a variety of lengths. Many students begin with this type of lash kit to give them the supplies they need to start practising what they’ve learned.


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What Lash Supplies Do You Need?


A good online beauty store will have lots of great products for you to select, but when it comes to finding the best lash extension products, here are just some of the items you should consider.


  • One of the staples of your professional lash supplies should be high-quality tweezers that will help you accurately perform the different techniques you’ve learned. This could include precision volume tweezers, classic tweezers or angled isolation tweezers, as well as a professional case to store them in for easy access.


  • Another essential item in your lash supplies should be an isolator tool which you can use to check whether the extensions have been applied correctly without any lashes stuck together.


  • Fast working lash primer and adhesives are items you won’t want to forget for your lash supplies. You can also purchase glue wells which are useful when creating volume fans.


  • A great way to keep your extensions organised is through innovative storage options such as lash tiles, a lash organiser and a lash box. They also look really professional and stylish sat in your salon.


  • No lash supplies would be complete without mixed trays, containing lashes in a wide variety of lengths. You can even find trays with a guide to ensure you don’t forget which size you’re using on a client.


  • Not everyone will want standard black lash extensions. It’s worth having some other shades in your collection, including brown lashes.


  • Create a professional looking business with lash supplies which help your treatment rooms look the part. This includes lash table stretch covers, cosmetic bags and cushions. You can even impress your clients with extras such as mini foamer bottles that they can take home to mix up their own lash shampoo in.


  • Don’t forget some of the essentials when buying your lash supplies, including mini scissors, foaming cleaners, eyelash extension remover cream, mascara wands and tape.


  • When topping up your lash supplies, you can also purchase training manuals to refresh your knowledge. This could be something as simple as a training ebook and video for eye shapes and styling which will provide you with a lot of valuable information for improving your services.


  • While beautiful lashes will speak for themselves when it comes to repeat clients, growing your business takes hard work and determination. Look for lash supplies which provide you with training information to help you expand your client base.


The Importance of Training to Use Lash Products


To grow your business and build a fantastic reputation as a talented lash artist, it’s essential to combine both good training and products. You can learn the world’s best techniques, but if you don’t have high-quality tools and extensions, you just won’t get the results you’re hoping for when applying the lashes. Equally, you shouldn’t perform lash extension treatments without proper training through a professional course. This should be with a trainer who is accredited with a lash association such as NALA. Only those qualified to perform lash extensions should offer this as a service.


Keeping on Top of Your Stock Levels


Ensuring you take a stock check of your remaining lash extension supplies is essential if you want to deliver the same high-quality service consistently to your clients. Having a good range of products allows you to tailor each treatment to the individual needs of the client. For example, they may have shorter lashes or would like to create a specific look. You should also be able to advise a client on the type of extensions that would suit them, taking their eye shape into account.


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