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Do you want to create those Instagram worthy Lashes, double and even triple your income as a lash artist?

No problems…. read on.


  • You are able to finally create Insta worthy lashes
  • You are an absolutely amazing and confident lash stylist with a raving customer base and a business knowledge that will make you a lot of money and even triple your business.
  • You know exactly what you need to do when you look at someones natural lashes and your sets always turn out beautiful leaving your clients super happy.
  • You are booked out and so busy that you are looking at hiring someone else who can help you grow your business even more.

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Online vs. in person training

Being the best at lashing and business sounds amazing. Something you strive to be…But all of these dreams just aren’t quite reality yet.

Don’t worry.

They will be.

This is exactly why I have created my online courses, that will help you with what you are still struggling with OR will help you get started right from the get go if you are brand new.

I know exactly what it feels like to look around for a great course and not being sure what’s best for you…. or what it feels like to have done courses in the past that left you rather disappointed.

You are craving that support after the course has finished but you are just not getting what you and your business need. You feel left alone, unsupported and lost.

I understand how frustrating it is when you are good at lashes but don’t have the customer base you are hoping for because you are not 100% sure how to market yourself and your business. And you kinda suck at sales.

It’s not easy getting the word out there.

I get it.


As seen in….

Listen up! There are many different ways to achieve that. Ways that if you follow them will get you what you need.
You are 100% in the right place because I will help you to learn everything there is to learn about Classic Lashes, Russian Volume Lashes and Marketing and Business with lifetime access and ongoing support.

Here are all the different Lash Tribe Eyelash Extensions Online Courses

The Lash Tribe Mastermind®

This Course will make you money.

What is a Mastermind?

A Mastermind is a safe place to learn and grow together in a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level. A community to vent about your everyday challenges, come up with solutions together and overcome roadblocks. 

 A place you can rely on for accurate, impactful advice and help on business growth, branding, sales, marketing and technology, rather than relying on talking to colleagues outside of The Mastermind who have non-updated knowledge, you have access to the best, real world practical knowledge on how to build a strong brand and business. 

Read more CLICK HERE…


Classic Eyelash Extensions Course

Starting a new business venture can be scary but it’s also extremely exciting if done right.

My Classic Eyelash Extensions Course is designed for total beginners, anyone who wants learn how to start a business as an Eyelash Extension Artist performing Classic Lashes.

The course includes EVERYTHING that I have learnt over the past decade , all tricks, tips and techniques you need to know about Classic Lashing, what you need to start out as well as where to get the cheapest products.

You will be part of the Classic Lashes VIP Facebook group with ongoing support.

The Course is also great as a refresher when you have taken training in the past but it’s been such a long time since you updated your skills.

Read more here.

Volume Eyelash Extensions Course

My Volume Eyelash Extensions course is designed for Lash Artists that already have a minimum of 4 months experience in Classic Lashes.

I will show you 7 fanning techniques, share with you the best eye styling ideas, how to convert the “weight” of the Lashes to not overweigh the lashes, how to do bridging, capping and stacking and so much more.

There are over 30 modules in this course.  Our Private VIP Volume Group will offer ongoing support and a safe space to show your work.

You will receive my “Where to get the cheapest wholesale Products Cheat Sheet”, as well as a certificate upon completion or 5 case studies.

You can do the Course in your own time but always have the FB group for ongoing support.


Read more CLICK HERE

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