Business & Branding Course

Learn how to build a successful lash business from scratch with no previous business knowledge.

There are thousands of Lash Artists in the world but very few make anywhere near $106,000 in a year.

In fact, only a very small percentage of Lash Artists will ever make it in the business.

Most don’t even make enough money to quit their jobs to do lashing full time. Others simply don’t have the skills, aren’t confident and in the end, simply give up.

I know what it feels like wanting to give up. I was in the same situation a few years ago. But everything changed and I built my Lash business from 0 to 6 figures within a few short months.

I don’t want you to quit! I want the same for you!

That’s why this course was created. I will teach you how  to confidently create those Instagram worthy Lashes and double and even triple your business income!

> yes really, I’ll show you the blueprint to success in the industry. Many students of mine are currently doing it with the help of this course.

How would you like to double or even triple your income? How would that change your life?

If you really want to make this work, want to change your lashing and business game, are brave enough and doing lashes full-time is your dream, then this training is for you.

Hi there!

Not sure if we have met before, but I thought I’d quickly introduce myself.

I am Julia. I have 2 small kids and a 3rd big one, my husband. I have been lashing since 2010. I haven’t always loved it.

I sucked at lashes for a good couple of month because I didn’t have the right support. I soon realised I needed better training.  Good thing is, I got better and now actually teach lashes!

But you know what?

Being good at Lashes alone isn’t enough to make the cut. Not enough for a living.

What is the point of doing great Lashes if you don’t know how to get customers into the door and how to keep them coming back for more?

I was struggling really bad in the beginning to get clients in the door. I had no idea how to market myself and I was terrified of sales and rejections. Terrified of clients never returning. Terrified of what my husband would say if, once again, didn’t make any money in my business. So after yet another TAX year with losses I got to work. I started to invest in my business and marketing education.

I spent close to $40,000 on my education in the last 3 years and my business started to grow. And grow. And grow.

When I applied the same marketing principles to my Lash Tribe Brand it grew from 0-6 Figures within a few short months.

I have put my everything into this course. I want to help you do the same.


Julia Mann - Eyelash Artist

My income doubled within in a few short months!

Hannah A.

Owner , Forever Lashes beauty Studio, Mackay

How does it work?

The Business and Branding Course is release in blocks every 6 month and you can follow along in the VIP Facebook Group, if you like , for the best possible business results.

They great thing is, that you can now study and work at your own pace from your home/salon at any time of the day. There are no set hours. 

Follow my many Videos and Live Trainings where I show you all about Visual Branding, Social Media Marketing, Creating professional Designs and Pictures that you can use for all your advertising. All to grow your business.

Sit back while I teach you all about using Facebook Ads and how to get a ton of traffic to your social media channels.

Did you know that FB Marketing is the single most powerful way to advertise to date?

This Course has it all but Lashes and will make you money.

Here are the Units and modules that are part of the

Business and Branding Course

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Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Unit 1-  1st steps to start your business


  • Business Name and Types
  • Budgeting, Pricing and Set up
  • Payment Facilities for your Business
  • Market Research
  • The Principles of Marketing
  • Online Booking System
  • Insurance
  • Trademarks
  • Legal Requirements

Lash Tribe Emblem GoldUnit 3 – Making Money with Facebook Marketing


  • The Power of Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Business Pages Set up
  • The Power of Facebook Groups
  • Setting up an Ads Account
  • Create Custom Audiences
  • Audience Lists with FB insights
  • FB Ads for Beginners
  • FB Ads advanced ( Power Editor)
  • FB Pixel Code HowTo
  • How to Create a Video Ad
  • Facebook Live Marketing

Lash Tribe Emblem GoldUnit 5 – Twitter Marketing


  • Guest Expert Tendai Chagwega on Twitter Set up
  • Marketing and account features
  • How to and when to use it



Lash Tribe Emblem GoldUnit 7 – Social Media Automation


  • Hootsuit with Guest Expert Tendai C.
  • Post Planner
  • How to schedule Posts on Facebook



Lash Tribe Emblem GoldUnit 9 – Email Marketing


  • Email Marketing 101- The money is in the list
  • Email Marketing with Mailchimp
  • Email Marketing with AWeber
  • Create your own Capture Page on Leadpages

Lash Tribe Emblem GoldUnit 2 – Your Brand Identity


  • Mission, Values & Clarity
  • Visual Branding
  • Finding your ideal Customer
  • Apps to use for Photos & Videos
  • Designing Graphics with Canva & Picmonkey




Lash Tribe Emblem GoldUnit 4 – Pinterest Marketing


  • Pinterest 101
  • Account Set up
  • Facts and Figures
  • How to make Money with Pinterest






Lash Tribe Emblem GoldUnit 6 – Instagram Marketing


  • Basics of Instagram – What is it and why use it?
  • Insights and Promotions How to
  • # and @ guide and Insta Language
  • Growing your audience on Instagram
  • Tips, tricks and Techniques to grow and care for your followers
  • Holr – Instagram and Twitter Automated Messaging
  • Running a Contest on Instagram to grow your list and make sales

Lash Tribe Emblem GoldUnit 8 – Video Marketing


  • Youtube 101 – How to grow and audience & make money with a Youtube Channel
  • Youtube Channel Set Up
  • Video Editing with IMovie
  • Set up for Movie Recording


Lash Tribe Emblem GoldUnit 10 – Launch your Website in 7 Days


  • Day 1: Web hosting, Domain Name, WordPress
  • Day 2: Buying your WordPress Theme
  • Day 3: Creating Pages, Menu, Contact Page
  • Day 4: “Work with me” page
  • Day 5: “About me” page
  • Day 6: “Home Page”
  • Day 7: Homepage visibility, Social Media & Logo

Cassie's Story

Read Cassie’s story and what she achieved in just 3 months of taking the Volume and Business & Branding Courses.

Eyelash Extensions Testimonial of Cassie

Bonuses & Guest Experts

Mentor Kristy McKenzie
Jill Heijligers-Peloquin
Carissa Hill

Guest Mentor Kristy McKenzie

3 Part Salon Growth           Video Series 
‘When its time to grow’
‘Hiring Staff’
‘Managing Money’

Guest Mentor Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

Video Module
Growing your Lash Business and Mind Set Strategies 

Guest Mentor Carissa Hill

Video Module
10 reasons why most businesses don’t grow
Lawyer Gena Shingle-Jaffe

Guest Mentor, Lawyer Gena Shingle-Jaffe

Making it legal 
  • How to protect your business legally?
  • What kind of protection do I need for my website?
Tendai Chagweda

Guest Mentor Tendai Chagweda

Social Media Expert
  • Twitter for business- 2 Part Video Course
  • Hootsuit Social Media Automation
  • Plan your posts and save time and money
Welmoed Verhagen

Guest Mentor Welmoed Verhagen

Launching your website in 7 Days
  • Day 1: Web hosting, Domain Name, WordPress
  • Day 2: Buying your WordPress Theme
  • Day 3: Creating Pages, Menu, Contact Page
  • Day 4: “Work with me” page
  • Day 5: “About me” page
  • Day 6: “Home Page”
  • Day 7: Homepage visibility, Social Media & Logo

Jessica Giles- Guest Mentor

Money Mastery Course

Jessica is a Money Mastery coach and her full “Chic Money Clutch” Course is part of the Lash Tribe® Business Course!
She is supporting female entrepreneurs to master their money with style, no shame deprivation or judgement in sight!
Her approach is complete, holistic and feminine focusing on the key areas of mindset, management and wealth. With Jess you are in kind and professional hands, in no time you will be excited by the area of money in your life.

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