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Proven Marketing & Methods to Help You Triple Your Income

Become an amazingly successful business owner with advanced sales methods & social media strategies.

The Salon Growth Business Course ” Lash Tribe Mastermind®”  is a 12 months’ program that has allowed many past students to quit their jobs, build successful salons and triple their income.

This is the first of it’s kind in the lash Industry, with over 10 guest experts and mentors to help you along the way in all areas of business, marketing, sales, finance and money mastery, staffing, web building and motivation.


Are You Ready to Have Clients On Tap?

What would it meant to you to be able to say ” Sorry, my books are currently full but I can put you on our waitlist”!?
How would you feel to be super clear about your branding that attracts clients and makes them rave about you?
How would your life change if you know the proven marketing and business strategies that will triple your income?

Get All the Tools You Need to Become a Confident Entrepreneur

Our Mastermind course shows you the keys to having a booming business, lots of clients, and increased profits.

So what is a Mastermind? A Mastermind is a safe place to learn and grow together in a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level. A community to vent about your everyday challenges, talk about issues with business and clients, come up with solutions and overcome roadblocks.

A place you can rely on for super accurate, powerful and impactful advice, rather than relying on talking to colleagues outside of The Lash Tribe® Mastermind who have non-updated knowledge. You have access to the best, real world practical knowledge from myself and my peers, on how to build a strong brand and business with a high ROI.

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Here's How Mastermind Works

New Blocks Released Every 12 Months

Lash Tribe Mastermind is released in blocks every 12 months. You can study and work at your own pace from your own salon or home at any time of the day! 

You Follow Along in a VIP Facebook Group

You can now study and work at your own pace from your home/salon at any time of the day. There are no set hours. Once you have access to the modules you will have them for life. 

Get Access to Videos, Live Trainings, & Worksheets

You will learn all about Visual Branding, Social Media Marketing, Staffing, Money Mastery, and Professional Advertising!

Watch Your Social Media Traffic EXPLODE!

Using the methods you've learned, you can attract tons of new traffic to all your social media channels.

Plus, get the free ebook “5 Proven Methods to get clients fast.” 

Learn the Keys to Actually Making Money!

Month 1: Set Up Your Brand & Make Money Fast

This is the start of an amazing journey that will teach you how to set up your business from scratch, if you don’t have one yet, will help you to creating an amazing and recognisable brand, finding and attracting your ideal customer and start advertising to this customer on Facebook to make money fast.

Month 2: Planning and Strategising

This month we will be talking about putting plans and strategies into place that will help you save time in your business to concentrate on the money making tasks. Social Media Automation is a big part of it and you will learn how your content will be released everyday without you actually being there.

Month 3: Marketing & Advanced FB ads

This month is all about marketing your business. You will discover the principles of marketing that have helped me built a 6 figure business within a few short months, how to use Pinterest and Twitter for your business and make $$ with email marketing. You will also dive deep into the FB Power Editor for advanced marketing strategies, which is extremely powerful, but not many people know about or use.

Month 4: Sales

If you are amazing at Lashes and Marketing your business but don’t know how to sell, then this is the perfect month for you. We will unveil the best and proven sales methods in salon, how to up-sell services in salon and keep selling to them even when the client has left your salon. We will also discuss how to write the perfect headline for your ads to sell what you have to offer without people knowing that they are being sold to.

Month 5: Create Your Own Website & Blog

This months we are going to create a Website, from scratch, in 7 days! Jepp! You heard that right. We will walk you through step by step, leaving all the techie confusion behind. Create a stunning site that will show off your brand and make you look super professional. We will also take you through a complete blogging e-course that will attract your ideal customers by the thousands.

Month 6: Money Money Money

Making money is one thing but being able to handle it is another. This month we will dive deep into money mastery and management, unlock secret money blocks you might have (yes, everyone has them), will show you that you are worth it and how to raise your prices confidently. You will also learn the best tools to use for your business to track your money and keep everything up to date, so you actually know your profits and losses and what you are spending your money on.

Month 7: Instagram Marketing & Sales

If you are in the Beauty Industry but don’t use Instagram yet you are missing out on thousands of $$ worth of sales. Instagram has changed a lot just in the last few month and keeping up to date with new algorithms is super important. This month we will discuss proven Instagram Strategies, how to avoid being shadow banned and the use of the right Hashtags so people find you. You'll learn to use automation, when and what to actually post, and how to gain more followers that are actually going to buy from you. This month is not to be missed!

Month 8: Video Marketing

Video is king. Learn how to create a youtube channel that will boost your business online for amazing reach on google, find out how to shoot your own short Videos and Commercials you can use for your ads on Social Media and see how to edit those Videos on your phone as well as your computer. Learn about lighting, best camera angles and most importantly: How to be confident on film.

Month 9: Get Those Clients Back

Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create Raving Fans. Turn your customers into clients that will love spending money in your salon and love telling others about it.

Month 10: Landing Pages - Grow Your List Like a Pro

Discover how to design amazing sales pages and how to generate leads on autopilot like professional marketers. This month is super important as you are now able to collect peoples details without even having to contact them. Set up a competition that will link to 10-15 automated emails that your customers will get over the next 6 month. Talk about growing your list and automated marketing. 

Month 11: Hiring & Managing Staff Successfully

Now that we are in month 7 it’s possibly time to look at hiring someone to help you out in your business. If you already have a team or a staff member then this month will really help you to manage better, become a better team leader and grow a strong work community. We will discuss how to find the best people, how to hire them and most importantly: how to keep them.

Month 12: Your Growth Plan

This month we will have a look at what you have achieved in the last 11 month. We will work on your future pans, we will share with you how to create your own wholesale lash brand, open up more salons OR even look into franchising options. The sky is the limit. Now you need to decide what the future has in store for you and we are here to help you figure it out. re-investing in your business is what will make it grow to what ever level you like. Make a plan and stick to it.

What Others Are Saying

"My income doubled within in a few short months!"

Guest Experts in Attendance


3 Part Salon Growth Video Series:

‘When its time to grow’
‘Hiring Staff’
‘Managing Money’

Kristy McKenzie

Video Module:
Growing your Lash Business and Mind Set Strategies 

Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

Video Module:
10 reasons why most businesses don’t grow

Carissa Hill

Making It Legal:
'How to protect your business legally'
'What kind of protection do I need for my website?'

Gena Shingle-Jaffe

Social Media Expert:
'Twitter for business- 2 Part Video Course'
'Hootsuit Social Media Automation'
'Plan your posts and save time'

Tendai Chagweda

Launching Your Website in 7 Days:
Everything you need to know from web hosting to creating pages to getting visible!

Welmoed Verhagen

"Chic Money Clutch” Course:
Master your money with style, no shame deprivation or judgement in sight!

Jessica Giles

Hiring & Managing Staff Successfully:
Being an awesome boss, rostering done right, and where to advertise.

Caitlyn Menzel

These Are the Keys You Need to GO From 0-6 Figures

With a well-thought out & strategic plan along with support from our guest mentors, you can become a business Mastermind!

Starting a business can be hard - especially one you want to succeed! But don't quit - the Lash Tribe Mastermind shows you the exact steps you need to take to get your business from 0-6 figures.

So if you're sick of working 6 days a week, nights, and missing out on the things you love, then this is your opportunity!

Here's Why Students Love LashTribe

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart . To be honest I have learned sooo much from you and have TRIPLED my income from your course, which I haven’t even finished yet. I only wished you started this earlier. As a single mum with a disabled child every cent is important to me. I do not, for a second, regret spending on your course. Love it!"

Rosemin S.

"If you're drowning - Lash Tribe Business & Branding courses are your lifeline! It came into my life at the most perfect time and if it wasn't for the strategies it taught me to implement - I would have had to shut my doors a long time ago and go back to the office. 

Building a business from ZERO in a brand-new city knowing no one, this has been my pillar and for anyone that's really struggling getting their mind straight, their ducks in a row, and taking it to the next level - you have my absolute word - this is everything you need."

Neelam Saini-Uppal

"I have been lucky enough to be a part of Julia's course, and I have to say, it's outstanding!

The way each module has been carefully crafted to serve your needs to succeed are so detailed and so well thought out. Before this course, I know I wanted to be in this industry. Now, after receiving her training, I am an educator, my business has expanded so rapidly, and I have never been more proud of my craft. 

Thanks to Julia, I have a fantastic understanding of business, social media, marketing, branding...the list goes on! Do yourself a favor and get equipped with her fail-proof arsenal of tools that will help you crush your goals FAST."


"My income doubled within just a few short months!"

Hannah A.

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