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Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Course


Learn how to create dark, full & fluffy volume lashes 

Discover how the Volume Lash Course worked for a very experienced Lash Tech like Kaz.


You are already doing classic lashes but want to take it up a notch? Have you seen those beautifully full and fluffy Lashes on Instagram and really want to be able to do the same?


Yes, Russian Volume Lashes are the newest craze and they will never go out of fashion. It is developing so fast, that keeping up to date with new techniques and products can be quite time consuming.


Mastering the art of Russian Volume is not for the faint hearted and takes a lot of practice and precision…. And great training of course.

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Hi there!

I am Julia Mann, Owner and Founder of Lash Tribe® , international lash trainer, judge and business coach. I am also a  wife and mum of two crazy kids.

I have been in the Beauty Industry for over 16 years and have been doing lashes since 2010. Since my first online course launch in 2016, hundreds of students from all over the world have refined their skills in Volume lashing and taken it to the next level, creating stunning sets that turn heads.

Most of these students doubled their income within a short couple of months.

Volume lashes will make you more money. They will also open up doors for new customers, the kind of customers that weren’t able to get lashes done before because they hardly had any natural lashes that could support a “full” classic look.

With Volume Lashes we can serve clients with sparse and thin lashes. We can add more volume, drama, fluffiness and shape than ever before. With the Lash Tribe® Online Courses:

-You can study and work at your own pace from your home or salon at any time of the day. There are no time limits set on learning online. That’s the beauty about it.

My Russian Volume course includes all tricks, tips and techniques you need to know about Volume Lashing, including 7 fanning techniques to suit even the shakiest of hands.

Julia Mann - Eyelash Extensions Master Trainer

Are you not 100% sure if online training will work for you?


Watch this short Video that will tell you pros and cons of online and in person training. 

Why Volume?

If you are looking for a way to make more money in your business, stand out from the competition and make your clients return again and again, then Volume Lashes are what you need.

Girls charge as much as $400 for a full set that only takes about 2.5 hours. Not a bad hourly rate if you ask me.


You will have ongoing support in my Volume Lashes VIP Facebook group.

You will receive a certificate upon completion of 5 Case Studies.


Here is what others are saying: 

I am a sponge. I need to know everything lash related. It’s my passion, my life, my world. Seeing how Julia interacts with her Lash Tribe followers made me feel like I could trust her, and I knew I was in the right set of skilled hands.

Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, she is warm hearted, kind, eloquent, modest, and most importantly-honest.
When you decide to take an online course, you need the best of both worlds. Perfect visuals, and impeccable audio with thorough explanation. And you need to be corrected when needed. She is so supportive and only wants the best for her students.

Julia’s course is very thorough. She takes you step by step through each module, guiding you to perfection.
She explains techniques so clearly and is so easy to understand.

If you have been considering taking any of her courses, do it. You will not regret it!

Kyla K.

Owner, Wink Custom Lash Artistry, Saskatchewan, Canada

More of what others are saying

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Volume lashes course testimonial 3


This training is NOT for lash beginners, nor for the faint-hearted. Enrol only if you are 100% sure you can commit to going through all of the course and implementing what you have learnt. This can be in your own time of course, but please make sure you follow the Videos. The techniques work. Try and stick to them.  This training is only for those of you who want to become Masters, create stunning sets and make a name and more income for themselves.

My Volume Eyelash Extensions course is designed for Lash Artists that already have a minimum of 3 months experience in Classic Lashes. I can guarantee you that once you have gone through all the modules, your head will be buzzing full of information and techniques you want to learn straight away. Please hold your horses and implement one thing at a time. This will give you the best possible results.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level like so many Eyelash Extensions Stylist all over the world have? The decision is yours.

Fact: 95% of my clients have now converted to Volume which means more beautiful lashes for my clients and more income for me. Russian Volume Lashing is highly addictive.

What is included and what will you take away from the Course?
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Classic vs. Volume
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold The Pi-Formula
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Eye Shapes and Styling
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Style Guide and mapping
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Tweezer 101
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Products and Set up
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Patch testing
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Important Fanning Preparation
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold 8 Volume Fanning techniques
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Dipping the Fan and Saving a Split Fan
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Attaching on Practice Lashes/ Wrapping
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Lash Cleansing and Prep
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Pads and Taping Techniques
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Speed and Methodical Application
Lash Tribe Emblem GoldBlending Lengths and Curls
Lash Tribe Emblem GoldCreating a dark Lash Line
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Stacking, Capping & Bridging
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Full Set on Model
Lash Tribe Emblem GoldRefills
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Hybrid Lashes
Lash Tribe Emblem GoldLower Lashes
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Specialty Lashes/Colored Lashes
Lash Tribe Emblem Gold Aftercare 
Lash Tribe Emblem GoldTrouble Shooting
Lash Tribe Emblem GoldHow to Photos and Apps
Lash Tribe Emblem GoldPricing
Lash Tribe Emblem Goldand many more bonus and live videos

Valinda's Story

Read Valinda’s Story on how she went from being terrified of Lashing and some bad Volume Training to now being confident and happy with her lashing.

Volume lashes course training

To become a great Lash Artist and start a real career in the Lash Industry doesn’t come overnight. It takes time and a lot of support.

I offer my students a life-long support in all of my programs.

When you train with me:

– You will feel positive and empowered… that’s just who I am and how I like others to feel.
– You feel like we’ve known each other for years, even if you don’t meet me in person and just see me in my online videos.
– You will break out in laughter at times (I tend to be a bit of a happy clown).
– You can be certain I’ll drink a caffeinated beverage (I have a 5 and a 3 year old).
– You will start to either love or hate the color pink

Here is what you will get
with the Lash Tribe® Course

The Full Access to the Online Course

Access to over 30 Video modules that will constantly be updated


FREE VIP Facebook Group Access for ongoing, life time support

Value at $499 per year


Learning Material, PDF’s and Printouts

Valued at $399


E-Book/Video Bundle ” 15 Steps to create Insta-Worthy Lashes and Triple your income,
including several Training Videos like
“How to convert Facebook messenger conversations into sales”

Valued at $997


Volume Manual E-print version

Valued at $89


Money Mastery E-course

with Guest Mentor Jessica Giles

Valued at $97


You will also receive a 20% Lifetime Discount on all lash kits and products in my shop.


Wholesale List

You will be able to download worksheets and pictures that will help you in your training. One of the PDF’s will include my list of wholesalers and discount code for online lash stores worldwide. This list alone is worth hundreds.

Total Value of $2083

The Lash Tribe® Russian Volume Online Course is available to you at a small investment of $599 USD

Or pay $660 USD  in 6 weekly Instalments of $110 USD each

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed
Put in the work and I will give your money back (within 14 days of purchase) if you don’t get the Support you need.

What students are saying about

Lash Tribe® Online Training

Module #2 Blew my Hair back just a tad Julia

Kyla Kidd

Lash Stylist and Salon Owner

I want to say thank you from the bottom of myheart. To be honest I have learned sooo much from you and have TRIPLED my income from your course which I haven’t even finished yet. I only wished you started this earlier! As a single mum with a disable child every cent is important to me. I do not for a sec regret spending on your course. ????

Rosemin S.

Are you ready to grow your business and create stunning  Volume Lashes?

Be part of the Lash Tribe® VIP Community

With over 200 Students from all over the world

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I receive full access to the Course right away?
A: If you have paid in full you will receive full access right away, as well as all the bonuses
If you are paying in instalments of 5 weeks, you will only receive the course in 5 parts and the E-Book Bundle once the Course has been paid off.
Q: How much is the Course? 
A: The Course is $599 USD. Please note that due to the international status the Course is not charged in AUD.

If you pay in instalments, the Course is $650 USD

Q: I have never done lashes before. Can I do the Volume Course
A: No, I highly recommend you have been doing Classic Eyelash Extensions for a while before starting Volume. Please send me some of your work in case you are not sure how skilled you are. mail
Q: Do I have a time limit of when I can access the Course and it’s contents?
A: No. You will have lifetime access and can access the Course as many times and whenever you wish.
Q: Does the Course come with a kit?

A: When you sign up you will receive a PDF with all my suppliers and whole sale accounts that I have found over the past 6 years. This includes discounts to mayor Lash Supplies as well. This list alone will save you hundreds if not thousands in the future. And on top of that you will receive 20% life time off my shop, where you can find Lashes, Tweezers and Cases at this stage.  I am working on kits in the future.

Q: Will I received a certificate that is valid in my country?
A: You will receive a certificate of completion after sending in your 5 case studies.
I am a certified trainer here in Australia. The Lash Tribe® Courses are not nationally certified.

Please check with your countries rules and regulation if you require recognised Training.

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