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Every time you purchase a Lash Tribe Product, a certain %  goes to amazing kids and their families in rural areas in the Phillipines.

Lash Tribe provides assistance for around 400 children and their families every month. 

Please take a minute to watch this Video to see why Lash Tribe is so passionate about helping out. Like my friend Linh, I have 2 small kids myself, so this is really dear to my heart. 


Lash Tribe Proudly Supporting it!


Lash Tribe is a proud supporter of the OALoveProjects!

Who is Outsoucing Angel?

Outsourcing Angel is more than just a business, OA is a company that has a strong passion for social empowerment. OA care about helping others and believe that OA can create a better future by spreading the love and giving to those in developing countries who are less fortunate than us.
The OA Family is filled with Love. Outsourcing Angel has always been very involved with charity work, which is why OA created their very own #OALoveProjects.
The aim of these projects is to help people living in rural communities in the Philippines. These communities are isolated from the rest of the country and require hours and hours of trekking to reach as there are often no accessible roads.
Normally when you donate to major charity organizations, only small amounts of the proceeds actually reach those in need. Most of the funds go into the running of the Non-Profit Organisation such as overheads and salaries.
With their projects, OA make sure all the proceeds Lash Tribe and they give actually go straight to the people who are in need. That is their difference.

How Outsourcing Angel Do It?

Outsourcing Angel have a partnership with Tribu Ni Bro (TNB), whom are all volunteers located in the Philippines.

These men and women use Lash Tribe’s and their funds to purchase food, supplies and other necessities to provide to the people in need.

Our funds do not go into their salaries or any organisational costs.

What Outsourcing Angel Do?

Each month, Outsourcing Angel help provide meals, supplies and aid to the children, and OA Family are so grateful for all our clients for their ongoing support because without them these projects wouldn’t have been possible. Apart from handling out meals, Outsourcing Angel also supply them with items that will help with their everyday life. With our previous budget Outsourcing Angel were able to supply the communities with agriculture tools and teach them basic farming skills. Outsourcing Angel have also be able to provide the community with clean water that runs directly to their homes and their backyard farms.

Previously, Outsourcing Angel seemingly small donation of AUD$300 was able to provide assistance to around 250 kids and their families!

Example of the distribution of funds:

How You Can Help?

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

Outsourcing Angel has been regularly donating to TNB since February 2017. Although Outsourcing Angel has made some difference to some people, Outsourcing Angel believe they can do a lot more. The OA Family have created and provided this page Lash Tribe to allow others to participate in making a bigger difference with us.

When you donate to our cause, all your funds will go directly to our charity partner who will also use the funds to directly help those in need. Outsourcing Angel will always be transparent in everything that they do and will keep you updated on how the funds have been used.

Outsourcing Angel appreciate all donations that comes through. No matter how much or how little, every single dollar counts and OA Family are so excited to show you what they can achieve with the collected funds.

What we achieved in March

The Village Kids are saying :” Thank you Miss Julia”

Fundraising Goals April 2018

GOAL : $2000 AUD

Building Local Fishponds

During May our team will go to Southern Luzon in the Philippines, with the goal of rebuilding their fishpond as it will benefit the local community by supplying them with a source of food that they can eat and sell.

OA need these items to complete this project:

  • 10 pieces of water pipes
  • 20 sacks of cement
  • 4 water tanks
  • $67 for 2 inch pipes, x 4
  • $37 for 112inch pipes, x 2
  • $28 for 12inch pipes, x 4
  • $9 per sack of cement, x 20
  • $143 per water tank, x 4

Estimated cost of project = $1,206 AUD (give or take 5% depending on conversion rate and transfer fees)

Night Light For The Community

Aside from plumbing, the rural communities have limited electricity supplies so building an energy source in the area is another future project OA have in mind.

To implement this project OA will need:

  • 2 solar panels
  • 1 voltage regulator
  • 1 solar battery
  • 1 inverter
  • 3 wire rolls
  • 20 light bulbs
  • $146 per solar panel, x 2
  • $111 for a voltage regulator, x 1
  • $87 for a battery (300amp), x 1
  • $99 for inverter (10k watts), x 1
  • $23 per wire roll, x 3
  • $4 per light bulb, x 20

80 Estimate cost of project = $738 AUD (give or take 5% depending on conversion rate and transfer fees)

Donations will be received by Francisco Soque, a member of Tribu Ni Bro, the socio-civic organisation that facilitates our charity activities.

OA will keep you up-to-date with all the progress of the #OALoveProjects. Outsourcing Angel invite you to follow their Facebook page where they will regularly discuss and share our projects status. Words without actions have little meaning, find out more about the #OALoveProjects they’ve previously done and future projects that OA are planning, because you too can be part of the change.

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