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Beginner Volume Tweezers – Set of 3

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Are you looking for the perfect beginners Tweezers? The Fat Foot Volume Tweezers are perfect.

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Are you looking for the perfect beginners Tweezers?

Tweezers that actually work and pick up fans with ease so you don’t have to add to your Tweezer Grave-Yard?

The Beginner Volume Tweezers are perfect for Beginners ( i think you may have guessed that from the title) and pick up fans almost all the way throughout the blades.

With the Pack of 3 you will save yourself $24.94

“My Tweezers don’t work.”

This is a sentence I hear and see posted at least a few times per day.

And guess what? Most of the time it’s not the Tweezers but the person that is handling them. In this Video, I will show you all the different types of Eyelash Extensions Tweezers by Lash Tribe.

There is a certain way of holding and using Classic, Volume and even Isolation Tweezers.

Always remember: How you hold a Classic Tweezer is very different to how you hold a Volume Tweezer.

No 2 Tweezers are the same as they are not mass factory produced. All have been made by hand and been tested by hand.


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