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The Lash Tribe Z-Tweezers get their name because of their shape. These Tweezers are one of my faves as they are amazing for Volume Lashing, especially in the inner corners.

  • Lengths: 12 cm
  • Blade lengths: 6-7mm


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  • The shape of the Z-Tweezers fits perfectly over the clients nose, which is now no longer getting in the way, making inner corner lashing a breeze.
  • I remember the time when I was swearing when I had to lash the left eye because the nose was always in the way. It is no longer with the Z-Tweezers. YAY!
  • Most importantly: It grabs fans beautifully almost all along the blade.
  • I use the Z-Tweezers for on and off tape fanning Techniques and even for classic lashing.
  • All Tweezers are hand tested by Julia and have 100% passed testing.
  • Please note Price is in AUD.

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